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Corporate Web Design & Development

These sites were made during my time at John Wiley & Sons, Inc. I completed some while my Senior Illustration Tech position (2007-2011), but most while in my current Web Production Specialist role. These focus on work where I was the primary site designer and/or the code production lead. There are also a plethora of promotional landing pages and new site sections I've made for other Wiley websites, such as Wiley Efficient Learning, Wiley CPAexcel, Wiley CFA, Wiley CMAexcel,, and to name a few, which I can supply if requested. Those were a combination of my original designs, and ones designed by another departmet but coded by me.

These sites use HTML (up to and including HTML5), CSS (up to and including CSS3), JavaScript, and JQuery. Some use RSS widgets to display news stories, Twitter integration to display feeds or lists, dynamic calls to randomly rotate home page featured items, Eloqua or other list gathering integration for mailing lists and newsletter distribution, video embeds, and more.

Autodesk Official Press

Originally Created For: Autodesk Offical Press

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Jossey-Bass Public Health

Originally Created For: Jossey-Bass Public Health

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The Warren Buffett Way

Originally Created For: The Warren Buffett Way

Visit site: http://thewarrenbuffettway

The AIG Story

Originally Created For: The AIG Story

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Originally Created For: Wiley Trading

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Wiley Custom Publishing

Originally Created For: Wiley Custom Publishing

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Wiley Wilmott Summit

Originally Created For: Wiley Wilmott Summitt

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Madoff with the Money

Originally Created For: Maddoff With The Money

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Getting Naked

Originally Created For: Getting Naked

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Toy Monster

Originally Created For: Toy Monster

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Video Production Online Manual

Originally Created For: Video Production Team of Wiley Indy

Web Production Department Wiki

Originally Created For: Web Production Team of Wiley Indy